Dragonfly Springs Wetland Sanctuary is the place to have fun and learn a bunch of stuff you’ll be able to use until you are too old to walk.



  • Learn how to create a wetland
  • Learn about Stormwater Cleansing and being Kaitiaki (Guardians of the land)
  • Work with educator Shirley Peterson in the Puka forest – learn what native trees need in the wild
  • Locate and identify bugs and plants – biology and botany in one!
  • Learn how to make and use litter traps, gross pollutant traps, and sediment traps, and where to use them
  • Do some Maths and Science – Water a section of the planted landscape and then work out:
    • How many litres of water you used?
    • How many plants you watered?
    • What was the total weight of the water you used?
  • Come back in one week and make notes on how the plants responded to the amount of water you gave them, then water again taking note of measurements. This is the fun side of science.
  • See what native plants, reeds, insects, animals, and fungi you can find on just one square metre of forest floor. You’ll be amazed.
  • Do an invertebrate survey and a bird survey, and make fruit string feeders for native birds. Maths is fun when you have your counting-eye in!
  • Do a Sandwich in the Sanctuary Day and picnic on Hidden Island
  • Check all 25 Rat Trap Tunnels and learn about them
  • Identify cockroaches and slaters in the Bug Hotels, and see if you can identify the ants and spiders in the Ruud Kleinepaste Bugatorium.
  • Let the littlies enjoy pretending to drive the tractor and quad bike and see a chainsaw operate
  • Discover our 18 natural springs
  • See mangroves doing their job as fish nurseries