Why do we have to make an appointment to visit the Dragonfly Springs Wetland Sanctuary?

The environment is very delicate and too many people at once will disturb insects and tiny wild life. Also, we are very few people and if you want to get the most out of your visit, you should allow us to guide you.  By making an appointment, you will be sure we can do that for you.

Do we need special equipment and clothing to visit Dragonfly Springs?

Since we are a learning environment, we suggest bringing at least a notepad and pen or pencil.

Please wear gumboots because this is a wetland and some areas can be boggy.

If you plan to spend a few hours with us doing a project, please bring lunch because we do not have a café.

I would like to be a volunteer and help at Dragonfly Springs. What do I need to do?

Email Jeremy, or talk to him when you visit and put your name down as a volunteer. We always have a volunteer day on Thursdays for anyone who would like to come along and help plant trees, or clean up areas, or do any of the many tasks we need to accomplish to develop the wetlands into a naturally regenerating environment. Morning tea is provided. You bring lunch. We start at 9am. We sometimes have volunteers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for those who can participate when we have larger projects to tackle. We can always make an opportunity for volunteers to organise weekend working bees too.

What age groups are the most suitable to visit Dragonfly Springs?

All age groups derive enjoyment and learning from a visit to Dragonfly Springs. Kindergartners involve themselves in different activities than older children, and adults prefer different kinds of education outdoors, but if you let us know in advance, we can tailor a great experience for whatever age group you want bring. They will learn and they’ll have a lot of fun while they do it.

How long should we allow for a visit to see everything and take some good learning?

Set aside two to three hours for a good visit to Dragonfly Springs Wetland Sanctuary. It takes a bit of time to explore the arboretum, see the various reed plants, wander amongst the swamp, check out the native plants, perhaps learn a little about stormwater polishing, and gross pollutant traps. Relax and enjoy. We’ll help you have fun.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Wheelchair access to our wetlands nature preserve is still in our future as we continue to landscape and bring Dragonfly Springs back into a totally natural environment. Do keep an eye on us because we will be wheelchair accessible one day.

Is it safe for elderly people?

If they have good mobility and are able to lift their feet well, Dragonfly Springs is a great place for older generations and they usually enjoy it very much. There are bench seats strategically placed to allow them to have a rest when they get a bit tired. If you are unsure, please discuss with us when you book.

What is the optimum group size for a visit?

Ideal group size is between 10 and 15 young persons and we would expect at least one adult per five children. It is a natural environment and children can be more curious than their physical abilities allow. We can accommodate more than 15, but talk to us when you book and we’ll discuss it in detail.

Is parking available for buses and visitors

Yes, we have good parking facilities for buses on Raumati Crescent, and inside Dragonfly Springs, we can accommodate up to 40-50 cars.

I would like to become involved by sponsoring some aspect of Dragonfly Springs. Who do I talk to?

We love you already.  Please contact Jeremy Busck at [email protected]

Do you do presentations about wetlands restoration for schools or other interested parties, such as farming groups?

Yes, we do.  Please contact us by email and we’ll be sure to help you organise what you need.