Thursdays are Volunteer Days

We love volunteers at Dragonfly Springs Wetland Sanctuary.  Without our wonderful volunteers, the Sanctuary would still be gathering silt, and completely covered in pest plants.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering benefits you. You get knowledge, meet new people, see the power of the land to work in its own best way, have fun, get a bit fitter, add to your CV, and support the environment to thrive in a very positive way. Volunteering with us is very worthwhile.

What do Volunteers Do?

Morning tea is always the best part of Volunteer Day with good homemade baking. We enjoy great camaraderie, solve the world’s problems, discuss gardening ideas, and share recipes, and in between it all, we have lots of laughs.

Nature nurturing doesn’t stop after planting. It is a continual process and we need to do it to increase the survival rate of our plantings. That might mean pruning, or planting, or weeding, or digging, or finding the best place for a sculpture and installing it. Maybe it’s to do some strategic planning, or helping make a path or a walkway, or a trap.  Every day there’s something different.

Join Dragonfly Springs Wetland Sanctuary Volunteer Brigade


Put your name down when you are at the Sanctuary, or send an email to Jeremy at  [email protected]


Parents, teachers, young people, and kids, are all fantastic volunteers


Thursdays is Volunteer Day. Most weeks No.1 volunteer, Steve Phillips, and Jeremy work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well, so if you want, you can volunteer on those days too or set up Saturday volunteer working bees.

What time

9am to 4pm – as much time as you are willing to give.